everyone classified as black is subject powerful racist White people and All black people in high positions are also subject to life altering change at the discretion of white culture this is a logical conclusion for black people , we must address the source of problem the next question that should be asked of the black (labeled) collective after taking a critical critique of white culture past and current intentions should logically be, are white people going to involuntarily stop practicing racism? This is not a new question It has already been asked and answered through actions and deeds the problem is that white people are not going to stop practicing racism or implementing act of genocide to critique the population of black people in America and around the world so immediately black people should put all their time and resources (which is not very much $8 trillion dollars annually ) in to stopping racist white people forever presumably by any means necessary before the compensatory narcissistic psychopathic self classified rich gang of white people positioned around the world start to see more value in war on black bodies the racist are obviously working hard burning midnight oil to destroy the planet! For greed and profit As black people we should all be working on a solution to solve the problem of racism simultaneously independently or joint Alert!! Young black people ant got nothing better to do then what I just suggested just asked any older black people who had a good start who started out in life just fine just to be chewed up by the system of white supremacy you see so called disposable black people everywhere sprawled out on the corner of racist controlled city’s they have no place to go no agency to call on for help with a life expectancy set at every 24 hours who knows if they’re still alive, meaning it’s war on black people out here and they didn’t even know it